Different applications of Zator systems are shown on the next pages.

Thanks to our wide experience we are able to find the most suitable technical solution for your application field needs.

This system is the usual one for folding machine (mailing machine). The control can be setted to dispense dots or lines and the position of the glue pattern is accurate at any speed. By the touch screen of the LMZ control, the programmation is user-friendly. The characteristics of this system provide the repeatability and the accuracy needed for systems with high productivity as in this case, adapting to the needs of the sector.

This application is indicated for the production of multi pages business form. The glue line can be programmed in relation of the format. Also is possible to make an interruption of the glue line (jump) near the fold or the cut of the page. A sensor fitted on the folding cylinder keep the glue jump in phase with the form.

On folder gluer machine the Zator systems give the best performances. This system increase the production speed and improve the quality of the final product. The programming with touch screen of the LMZ control is user-friendly, the dots or lines are dispensed with high precision at every machine speeds. The diaphragm pump is recommended for low viscosity glues or fluids.

This system is equipped with a piston pump feed unit: this solution allows the use of a wider range of medium viscosity glues. LMZ touch screen make the programming an easy and intuitive operation. DLK electromagnetic gun is controlled with precision at high speed and the glue application is automatically setted at every speed.

Roto-offset machines can be equipped with a glue application system to dispense glue or water to soften the paper. The combination of LMZ control with DLK electromagnetic guns allows high production speed with accurate dispensing of glue or water at every machine speeds.

Where the mechanical clipping is not enough for a good seal of the fluid contained into the cans, is necessary the application of a mastic on the can lid edge. The electromagnetic guns DLK ensuring high speed and precision fluid dispensing can be integrated in this automated process.

To glue the paper bag side is a simple application that can be done by installation of a MZD 200 electro-pneumatic gun. A thin glue line dispensed make the paper bag side glued at every machine speeds. This is the correct solution for this application type.

When wide glue patterns are required, the use of spray guns like MZF guns can be the right solution for this kind of application. This guns are designed for a long lasting service and an easy maintenance.

At the present an assembly line requires to dispense thick fluid to make gaskets or seals. MZB electro-pneumatic gun with his wide range of nozzles is able to work on a wide range of applications. It is possible to dispense medium/high viscosity mastics, pastes, silicons, resins and other fluids.

The installation of MZK electro-pneumatic gun in a automatic wood machine line for dowels gluing is the right solution. This model of gun is designed to dispense high viscosity glue used in this kind of application, satisfying the needs of the plant.